Please read this important information before continuing.

  1. A Parent has not successfully submitted an application unless they receive a confirmation number. Parents are advised to print the application as proof of completion and entering into the lottery.

  2. The list of names of all applicants entered into the lottery is available in the front office on April 4th. Applicants should look for the child's name on the list. School officials should be notified immediately of any discrepancy. Parent is expected to check the application for accuracy and correct any errors. Once the lottery selection begins, no challenges of discrepancy may be voiced.

  3. All student application information has been entered into a database. Each application has been ordered alphabetically by grade level for which the student is applying. Before the lottery selection process, the applications will be cross-checked for correct grade level of application, sibling data and for correct racial information at the time of acceptance.

  4. Students will be placed at the bottom of the correct grade level if the grade level indicated on the application is incorrect.

Please note that the application will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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